My Father in Heaven

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Our heavenly father sacrificed his only begotten son and his love, manifested in the extreme form inspires us to do the same. Today, I would like to take time in sharing what my father has given me in and through his life.

One might think what is so special about it – a father is supposed to do the needful for his offspring as an obligation. We should not take it for granted. In fact, this article cannot cover his contribution in my life. Let me try to give a bird’s eye view on the same. Probably, I would get chance to share about his contributions in details through the other articles later.

Experience counts more than intellect

In the latter half of my life I realized that he was not so much qualified as far as his educational qualification is concerned. In spite of that, he was competent enough to steer me through the hurdles of life in the technocratic era of today. He had his years of experience in life. Alas! I used to think I was more educated than him.

Quality and Quantity Time

From the beginning of his journey with me till he went to be with the Lord, he proactively spent quality and quantity time with me. He ensured that whatever he did could bring out the best in my life. In the process, he had to forgo many moments of recreation and entertainment out of his life. Alas! I didn’t manage much time to spend with him when he was in his deathbed eagerly awaiting my companionship.

Addiction was away from his life

From my childhood to the time he passed away, I could never find him addicted to anything other than watching cricket matches. He taught me to do the same by living his life in the real terms. He tried to avoid most of the wrong habits and deleted them from his life. Thus, it never required any instruction from his side for me to do the same. He used to confess humbly even to me whenever he did something wrong, promised me recover from it and used to keep his word. Alas! I couldn’t humble myself to him in the way he did.

He kept the best things for me

During his service years and after retirement, he used to share with me whatever he used to get from others. He also took care to see what would be beneficial for me and gave away the lions share or the best one. Alas! At his deathbed, I couldn’t provide him with the best.

Patience was his principal tool

In my childhood, I was always given what I used to ask him for. He provided me with whatever I asked for in spite of utter financial stringency at times. Of course, he never gave me anything that could harm me or whatever was not suitable for me. Alas! In his old age, I used to get irritated with him for the things he asked for.

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